The Pitman's Journey To Russia

Our journey to adopt three beautiful children from Vladivostok, Russia

Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Life

We are sitting up here in the White Rabbit with about 11 other kids. The sun is shining and it looks to be a great day. We have gotten the morning routine accomplished (out of bed, peesit, brush their teeth, wash their face, each breakfast, then bathroom again). We then headed up to the White Rabbit for some visiting and playing. We are really settling into a routine with them. We had to lay the law down last night though. In the evening when we go to the White Rabbit they get so crazy it is hard to bring them back down to calmness. All of them were in testing mode and aggravating each other. We tried to get our oldest to sit still and he just had a hard time with that. So sheriff Andy Taylor (Eric) had to come and enforce the law. He was put in jail like Otis, which he did not appreciate so he had to stay in jail a little longer than planned. He was so good by himself but when we added the other two they are all fighting for attention. We know you all know what we are talking about and are just laughing at us now. The volume level at family functions is going way up because these three are not quiet at all! They are all too eager to join in the fun. They seem to really accept us but there is always testing. We are so proud of our oldest, he is really learning his English words. He can count to 10 and knows several colors. He knows his nose, eyes, mouth and chin and socks and shoes.


Barb said...

I just love reading your entries. . . it sounds like your children are full of life and it will be such a joy to you both!

Tonya said...

Hi! We are so happy for you!! Congratulations on finally having your family together! Sounds like lots of fun and we enjoy reading the updates. Can't wait to meet the kids. Have a safe trip home!
The Hindersmann's

Carey and Norman said...

Ah...the testing. I think it is normal for them to begin testing the boundaries to see what you will/won't allow them to get away with. It is so hard to discipline so early after they enter our world, but I guess it is for the best. So many of ours were safety concerns, but some were sanitary as well (wanting to touch toilet seats, etc.). We will pray for your transition as I know kids play off one another which makes it even harder.

I enjoy your comical stories :o)

Heather said...

He can count to 10! I am impressed. We are home safe and sound, but having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Miss you guys back at the Vlad Inn but are sure happy to not eat in the resteraunt. Say hello to everyone for us.
Justin and Heather

Jim & Karen Honnold said...

We just logged on to your site today, and we're so happy to see those children we've been hearing about.
I envy the days of beginning your family though I understand a little how it must be for all of you.
Thanks so much for sharing and allowing us to be part of the Pitman Family journey.
Jim & Karen Honnold