The Pitman's Journey To Russia

Our journey to adopt three beautiful children from Vladivostok, Russia

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Court Date

We finally received our court date of December 5th!!!! We are really looking forward to seeing the kids and bringing them home to start our new life together. Here are some pictures of the finished rooms. As you can see we had some really great helpers to get everything done. We are very very lucky to have the best nieces and nephew in the world.


Carey and Norman said...

Yippee!! We are so excited that you've finally received your court date!! Dec. 5th is right around the corner. This will allow you to enjoy Thanksgiving here and hopefully be home for Christmas as well! Great timing! Can't wait to hear more.

Barb said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Congrats on the court date!!! I know you must be anxious to leave!!

Cindy said...

Congratulations! I'm happy that you all will be united soon. I can't wait to see pics.


Tony and Dawn said...

Congratulations!!! Please do not fret over court. We were nervous as the dickens and it seemed to last forever! Our 14 YO daughter was in the hallway and she assured us it was only about 30 minutes. God Bless -

Jane Klinkhamer said...

We are so excited for all of you--the rooms are great--except of course for the winning team on the "Pitman Field" scoreboard!:)
We will definitely be watching this blog everyday of December--can't wait to meet your kids! Wow-- three new cousins all at one time!
We love you all.
Jane & Dan

Amy said...

Great news! I can't wait to hear more. Another woman that I speak with has court on the SAME day in Vlad! She's adopting a little boy who is at baby home #1. Her name is Jen - but her husband's name escapes me.

Good luck!

Sara said...

What a Merry Christmas you're going to have!!


lorawilliams said...

Congratulations!!!! Like Jenny & I told ya before, Life as you know it is OVER! Ha, ha, ha! (In a wonderful way of course) Psst... we are always here for advise on spoiling kids rotten.